The Sailor Moon meets GU Collaboration

Sailor Moon GU

The Sailor Moon x GU merchandise went on sale on March 24th, which was a Friday. Considering how Sailor Moon teams up with luxury department store brand Isetan every year, I was pretty surprised when they originally announced this collaboration. Finally, some cheap Sailor Moon merchandise! I didn’t realize just how many other people would be thinking the same thing though.

GU is kind of similar to Old Navy in terms of prices and in that it has a sister brand that’s a bit more pricier (Uniqlo). I’ve never actually shopped at GU since I never actually saw one to go shopping at anyway until one was built in the Ebina Lalaport, but the image I’ve had of it as a brand over the years has not been very good due to how I’ve heard people talk about it. As a result, I mistakenly thought that not many people would go for the Sailor Moon products when they came out. Boy was I wrong!

I was originally planning to go to GU on Saturday so that I could go shopping without the baby. During lunch though, I was browsing Twitter and I saw how crazy the lines were for getting into GU in Ginza and I found out that the items were already selling out online. Since I didn’t get anything from the Isetan collaboration for my birthday this year, I definitely didn’t want to miss out on the GU one since it was so cheap. So, I wound up taking the baby with me to go shopping. She did fine, thankfully. I gave her one of the bag charms to hold and that amused her for a bit, and so did a couple of books I brought with us.


Wish I had realized that I had taken such a blurry photo… 

Since the GU store in Ebina is considered one of their big stores I was hoping they would have the large cardboard displays like I’ve seen in pictures of the Ginza store. I was a bit disappointed in their display though, as seen above.

When I got there, I was also disappointed to find that they were already sold out of the dresses, blouses, and bottoms. They were sold out of most sizes for T-shirts as well, but I managed to snag quite a few for myself.

Their inventory for two right-most shirts on the bottom row were completely gone by the time I had checked out. This was the first time I actually felt like I’ve ever witnessed the phrase “flying off the shelves” in action. It’s a good thing I had gone shopping the day they went on sale because when I went shopping in Ebina on Saturday they had already taken down the Sailor Moon displays and only had a few Artemis bags and some bag accessories left. I think I got all 11 things for around 10,000 yen? Not bad!

It turns out though that they somehow found more stock for the jeans by the time I came back from Akachan Honpo. I had asked a store clerk about them when I was originally shopping, and she flagged me down when she saw me walking by again to tell me they got the jeans back in. I really appreciated that she took the time to call out to me. I guess standing out helps sometimes in cases where it makes shop staff remember you easier. Unfortunately the few sizes they found of the jeans didn’t fit, so I didn’t buy them.

It looks like they still have some items in stock online still, but it sounds like they were sold out of most things nationwide by the end of the day. I’m glad I managed to get what I got!