A Little Bakery Called Juin


While where we live isn’t the most ideal of locations since it’s located on top of a hill in a very hilly area, there is a one advantage to where we live: a little bakery called Juin. It’s run by two kind older ladies, and it’s the perfect place to run to on the weekends or early in the morning when we realize we’re out of toast for breakfast, or just need our pastry fix.

The bakery itself is small, maybe only a couple of people can fit in there at a time. However, they have a nice selection of bread and pastries. There’s even a schedule posted behind the register so you can know when they’ll have fresh loaves of bread ready. Some of the pastries they offer are even shaped like popular characters from kids shows.


They even offer freshly made seasonal pastries, like the one above. This one is shaped like a cherry blossom with an actual cherry blossom in the center. The filling is cherry blossom flavored anko (red bean paste). Delicious!