Baby Recipe: Vegetable Cream Stew


I didn’t realize this before since I never ate that many stews, but I was surprised to find out that the concept of a “cream stew” is pretty Japanese. I also added pieces of shredded chicken breast, and I think J liked it. You can also add ingredients such as pumpkin. I used the vegetables I froze when I made the vegetable soup recipe I posted before, which made this recipe very quick and easy to make.

This recipe is intended for babies who can eat stage 2 solids for those following the Japanese baby food stages (stage 3 for US baby food stages).

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Baby Recipe: Vegetable Soup

I haven’t posted many baby recipes yet, so here’s one that’s been lasting me the past few weeks. Since baby got sick, she hasn’t had much of an appetite for anything beyond yogurt, but I’ve been slowly feeding this to her. Unfortunately she seems to hate the veggies in soup itself (figures), but she really liked it when I mixed it with a little bit of beef stew broth, and she seemed interested in it when I used the ingredients in a simple cream stew for her too. Baby J has definitely started chewing though, so I think these veggies are a good size for her. However, she still doesn’t eat much yet though, so I almost feel like I made too much!

Unfortunately I learned that I’m not made for making tiny cut pieces of onion, so there isn’t much onion here. I might have to check if there’s any easy onion dicing tools out there.

This recipe is intended for babies who are 7-8 months old.


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Today’s Lunch for Baby: Fried Sweet Potato and Apple

I think the best way to start this blog would be with a recipe of something I made for her, so here goes!

Since I’m living in Japan, it can be a bit frustrating at times looking at recipes for people who live in the US since some ingredients can be so hard to find. So, I’ve mostly been cooking using recipes from the major Japanese recipe site, Cookpad. I’ll provide translations for the recipes that I make and my own notes.

I made the following recipe with the extra frozen mashed sweet potato that I had. Baby J wasn’t a fan of the sweet potato on its own, so I had to look for a way to get her to eat it so all of the sweet potato wouldn’t go to waste.

This recipe is intended for babies 7-8 months, but you can dice the apples for babies first starting out with solids and not use potato starch, or you can make the apple slices bigger for babies ready for something more chunky or for kids. I thought this recipe was pretty tasty too.


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