Baby’s First Fever

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve been pretty hooked on Persona 5, so all of my free time has been spent playing it. Plus I was working on a stressful project for a couple of weeks there, and now I’ve got a cold so I haven’t had too much inspiration to write. I’m under the effect of some medicine that makes me pretty sleepy as I type this, so hopefully it’s not too incoherent!


There’s so many exciting and happy firsts with your baby. Unfortunately, there’s sad ones too, like baby’s first fever and ear infection. I guess we should count ourselves lucky that it didn’t happen until now though. It happened at a pretty bad time too, with hubby getting really sick, and then I got really sick too. I’m not sure when the ear infection happened either. It seems likely that she may have had a small one and it got worse when she had a fever since she started a nursing strike 1-2 weeks before her fever.

When her fever first started it was on a Wednesday, which is the day her usual pediatrician is closed. There was another clinic open near the daycare though, so I took her there. I wasn’t too impressed with this clinic. The receptionists weren’t as friendly as the people who work at our regular pediatrician, although the doctor himself was quite kind and spoke slowly to make sure I understood all of the medical terms (as opposed to her regular pediatrician who always speaks quite fast to me). The waiting room also wasn’t as big, so Baby J wasn’t quite as entertained there while we waited to see the doctor. Even though it’s kinda closer than her usual clinic, I doubt we’ll be going back there again unless we have to.

The next day her fever broke but came back again and lasted all weekend. I wish I had realized that that Saturday was a national holiday though, or else I would’ve taken her to her regular pediatrician on Friday to get checked out. She had a loss of appetite, but thankfully was starting to get it back by Monday. However, the fever was continuing so I wound up taking her to get checked by her regular pediatrician. The doctor checked her over, and then told us we should go see an ENT. I asked for a recommendation and then headed over to the doctor’s recommended clinic.

Going with the recommended ENT was not necessarily the right choice though. It was the next station over from where the pediatrician is and the worst part is that it was on the second floor with no elevator! So here I was, a mom by herself with her toddler in a stroller. Luckily some kind old man helped me carry the stroller up the stairs. Phew. However, Baby J was still eating her lunch at the time and I wound up having a hectic time following her around and cleaning up peanut butter everywhere she went as I tried to fill out the clinic’s forms. Talk about hectic!

We finally saw the doctor, and he told me she has an ear infection. I have to wonder if it developed over the weekend when she was lethargic or if the first pediatrician had missed it completely? Anyway, we got a prescription for antibiotics and such. Unfortunately, it all came in powder form. So we wound up having to employ the following:

Medicine jelly

You squirt the jelly out onto a spoon and then mix the powder into it. Apparently it’s apple flavored. According to hubby it tastes gross but Baby J didn’t seem to mind. I had to make sure to give it to her before or during each meal though because she’d be too full for it after. Though eventually I just started mixing the powder into yogurt and giving her yogurt every meal instead. The jelly was useful though!

So, this was the Monday before Golden Week, which is when most people in the country has vacation time. Except hubby, unfortunately. He had his spring break a month earlier (which I meant to post about but was busy with my return to work and haven’t had a chance to write about…). Also unfortunately, this meant that daycare was closed and my body decided it was the perfect time to come down with a cold. It was not an easy week for us at all! She started waking up at night again and I wasn’t getting the much needed rest I needed for my cold at all. I was super burnt out by the time the weekend came.

Thankfully though, her fever went away and she started feeling much better. Through the course of all of this, she’s also regained her interest in nursing, so that’s a relief, especially since it helped to make sure she stayed hydrated during the worst parts of her fever. I really have to wonder if she had an ear infection for a few weeks prior though, which caused the nursing strike, and the first doctor missed that she had an ear infection.

She’s back to her normal happy self now though and had a good week at daycare. And although she keeps waking up an hour or two after she goes to bed to nurse, she’s been sleeping until 7:30-8 am without any extra wake ups. Also, for a little while she had gone back to two naps, but I think she’s back to one nap again now that she’s feeling better.

When we went back for a followup appointment last Saturday with the ENT, he said that the ear infection was half-gone. We have another appointment today, so with any luck it’s all gone now. I’m a bit afraid it’s not though because she’s had a terrible runny nose the past couple of days. But maybe that’s just something new she picked up back at daycare.

On a lighter note, I found out that she gained a whole pound the month since she started daycare! She loves to eat there with all the other kids. I think that makes her 17.4 pounds now, which means that she’s finally hit the 10th percentile exactly for weight! It’ll be funny to see if they keep “fattening” her up in the coming months.


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