The Quest For Daycare Part 3: The Shopping List

The daycare gave me a list of things that Baby J will need every time she attends. I was missing some of them, so it was time to go shopping!

The list consisted of…


Shoes since she can walk. Boots and sandals aren’t allowed, so I had to get her some real sneakers! I also got her some new pairs of socks because most of hers have gotten too small. She has pretty tiny feet though, so I imagine these will last her awhile. Even the shoes were 1.5 cm bigger than her feet even though I got her the smallest size, though I know it’s good to give her room to grow!


A nice fluffy towel-like blanket for naps.


Two towels for wiping her face with, and another towel with a string for wiping her hands with. They had a variety of characters to choose from. I almost got her some pretty Hello Kitty ones, but in the end I went with her favorite characters, Wan Wan and U-tan from the kids TV show Inai Inai Baa!.



Two bibs and a cup. I got her a couple of new ones because we can’t have too many bibs! I was hoping they would have Inai Inai Baa! ones, but my only options were Hello Kitty and Anpanman, unfortunately.

In addition to the above, I’m also going to have to prepare 3 pairs of clothes and plastic bags for bringing dirty laundry home. The list also mentions formula and bottles, but after being away from her for a long period of time for the first time since October over the weekend, I think she’ll be OK without it (which definitely saves us some money!).


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