One Small Step for Baby

The days really do feel like they fly by now, especially since we’ve settled into a nice routine. However, I feel like she might be getting ready to drop her morning nap. It’s usually an hour or less and she’s skipped it on more than one occasion already. And she’s been consistently taking nice chunky three hour naps in the afternoon.

Baby J took her first steps awhile ago, but since this past weekend I think we can say now that she’s officially walking. She’s still very clumsy but she’s walking every chance she gets. She can’t do very long distances yet, but she’s getting better at it every day. She’s been wanting to carry things around, so I think that’s been a big incentive for her to keep practicing. Before I know it, she’s going to be strong enough that we’ll be out taking walks together!

She’s gotten a lot more confident in her eating too, but now she ends up biting off more than she can chew, and it all ends up in her lap! We’re going to have to start cutting her food into itty bits now. Trying to make sure she has a balanced diet has made me much more aware of my own. Fruit is expensive here, but I’ve been making sure that there’s a lot more of it in our diet. My main focus for both fruits and vegetables has been to get what’s in season and on sale.

All of the ladies in my mom group are already talking about their babies’ first birthday party themes and invites. I haven’t even really considered any of that kind of stuff yet. Since we’re living abroad though, I guess it’ll just be hubby and me to celebrate with her. I saw some decorations at Akachan Honpo so I’ll probably pick those up. I plan to use one of the baby cake making sets to bake her a cake, and it would be really nice if we could get professional photos taken of her too. I’ll have to look around for a cute birthday dress, too!


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