Merry Christmas!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Both hubby and I have been combating one sickness or another this whole month, I even came down with the flu a couple of weeks ago. It certainly hasn’t been fun! What’s especially not been fun is the medicine I’ve been given not really helping. I think they’ve given me lower doses than usual so that the medicine doesn’t affect J. On the bright, at least she hasn’t really caught anything too bad. I just hope she’s not waiting for our trip to the States to catch something.

Christmas has been pretty low key for us this year. We’re kinda just holding off since we’ll be celebrating twice this coming week. We spent the day watching Christmas movies and then had our Christmas chicken from KFC. Unfortunately it was a little cold by the time hubby got it home, but it was still good.

I still have to get packing for our trip for tomorrow. I really hope some of J’s summer clothes still fit! I feel like she must have gone through a growth spurt recently. Also she’s been taking a few steps here and there as well. Food and our Pakupaku and Pakuko hand puppets seem to be the big things that make her want to start trying to walk.

Here’s hoping we survive our upcoming trip without too much fussing…


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