Busy Days


All bundled up for the cold days.

Phew, what a busy week and a half it’s been! I’m not even sure where to begin. Last Saturday and on Wednesday I worked, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday I was busy with handling our photoshoot at Studio Alice, on Tuesday Juliette had her first play date, and then yesterday I had to run around getting some stuff for Thanksgiving. Today was all about Thanksgiving, even hubby was running around for it. I’m really ready for a break though and a chance to sit down so I can write and finally start putting some time into the new Pokemon game!

The weather has been crazy too. One day it’s 20 degrees C, the next it’s snowing! I heard that it’s been over 50 years since it snowed in November around here.

As far as how J is, I would first like to mention that she got her first tooth last Wednesday! I can already see her second tooth and I think it’ll break through any day now. I’m really surprised how quickly those teeth grow. Thankfully she isn’t a bad teether and is handling the pain pretty well.

J turned 8 months on Sunday. We still have to take our 8 month photo of her, but I feel like we’ve finally gotten into a bedtime routine groove finally (though I feel like I have to put on a circus show to get her to sleep). She’s been practicing standing on her own for a few seconds several times a day now. She loves to “feed” her toys to anything with a mouth, including my socks with kitty faces on them! I’ve caught her even “feeding” my phone and glasses to her new Wanwan peek-a-boo doll and our Slime plush that she likes so much. She also likes it when we make animal sounds (especially monkeys), and it feels like she’s even trying to join in on the sounds. She’s also becoming quite the troublemaker! I think she’s finally figured out how to open the wipes because she discovered what a fun never ending toy the wipes are from a newly opened package while I was doing the dishes the other day.

I think she’s starting to become interested in other babies too. She took a little bit to warm up to her new surroundings during her play date with hubby’s coworker’s baby, but I think once she did, she had a lot of fun! And then on Friday I stopped to let her play at the big crawling space that Aeon has and she was really interested in another 8 month old baby. It was so cute how they kept trying to steal one another’s pacifiers!

I think she liked the Aeon space more than the childcare center’s. It’s really loud and overwhelming with all of the mothers and babies in such a small space, I think, whereas the Aeon crawl space is pretty wide with not so many people there. It’s kind of funny how some mothers are starting to recognize me around town though as I keep going to these kinds of places. In any case, I should be sure to let her crawl around at Aeon more often when we stop by there from now on.



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