Baby Recipe: Vegetable Soup

I haven’t posted many baby recipes yet, so here’s one that’s been lasting me the past few weeks. Since baby got sick, she hasn’t had much of an appetite for anything beyond yogurt, but I’ve been slowly feeding this to her. Unfortunately she seems to hate the veggies in soup itself (figures), but she really liked it when I mixed it with a little bit of beef stew broth, and she seemed interested in it when I used the ingredients in a simple cream stew for her too. Baby J has definitely started chewing though, so I think these veggies are a good size for her. However, she still doesn’t eat much yet though, so I almost feel like I made too much!

Unfortunately I learned that I’m not made for making tiny cut pieces of onion, so there isn’t much onion here. I might have to check if there’s any easy onion dicing tools out there.

This recipe is intended for babies who are 7-8 months old.


Original Cookpad recipe

1/2 big potato
1/4 carrot
1/4 onion
Slightly more than 2 cups of water

1. Cut all of the vegetables into 5 mm (1/5 inch) cubes. Soak the cut potato in water for 10 minutes.
2. Put the water, carrot, and onion in a pot and boil on low heat.
3. When the carrot cubes get soft, add the potato to boil. If the water gets low, add more.
4. When the potato becomes soft, turn off the heat.
5. Pour the soup through a strainer to separate the ingredients and the soup (or use a bowl and colander like I did). Put just the ingredients in an ice cube tray, and then add soup to submerge the vegetables so that only a little bit is above the soup. Then freeze.
6. Put the remaining soup into another ice cube tray, and freeze that.
7. To serve, heat up the vegetable ice cube and vegetable soup ice cube in a microwavable container.

There’s a lot of combinations that you can do with this soup, like adding shredded chicken, cod, or cut noodles. Or use just the vegetables for other kinds of stews like I’ve been doing. I’ll be posting a baby cream stew recipe soon too.


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