Baby’s Second Cold

Baby had her first cold when she was pretty young and it wasn’t too bad. Recently though, hubby got sick and she caught it. It’s only been just a stuffy and runny nose though, so luckily it’s not too bad. However, a couple of nights ago she woke up a couple of times and was unable to be easily settled by offering to nurse like she normally is. It worried me, and since visiting the doctor is free for her, I decided to schedule an appointment using the automatic phone system that they have for scheduling appointments at her pediatrician.

What happened during the call was a bit unexpected. Right away I had to learn what they called the star key and pound key (komejirushi and sharp key). Aside from that hiccup, the rest of the process was easy enough. The next day we got seen right away during her appointment time. I learned that she’s now 6.6 kg (14 pounds 9 oz). Our little peanut is getting so big!

Ever since her pediatrician realized I can speak and understand Japanese though, he’s only spoken in Japanese to me despite having spoken only English the first time we met. While I don’t mind it (it’s nicer than the people who default to English and stay with bad English even when you’re speaking Japanese to them), it’s a bit frustrating since medical terms aren’t really my forte. Because of this, I had been considering just switching to another pediatrician since the only reason I started going to this one was because he could speak English. But I guess things are ok if I give my explanations in English, and when I didn’t understand a term he told me what it was in English, so that helped and I guess I’ll be sticking with him for now.

Speaking of English speaking doctors, we also had something similar happen when I went with hubby to a clinic back when he caught the flu last year. Since I spoke Japanese, doctor only spoke Japanese and I had to interpret even though I didn’t understand everything. Hubby went back to the clinic for his cold, and it turns out that that doctor does speak English pretty well. So that’s good to know for the future that there’s an English speaking general practitioner at our station.

Anyway, I got medicine some medicine to help her stuffy nose. Getting it into her has been a bit of a challenge though. Also she hasn’t had much appetite for dinner. She’s still really been into her yogurt though, so I’ve been mixing the powdered medicine (Japan sure loves it’s powdered medicine) into the yogurt. A couple days of that, and she’s seeming much better now, although I had to give her some more medicine this morning.

The funny thing is though that despite being sick, she suddenly slept for 5 hour stretches again. I’m not sure if it’s because she was sick, because I lowered the temperature in her room, or if it was just a coincidence. I was feeling like a whole new person! Last night was rough since she was up 3 times by 4:30 am, but then she slept in until about 9. Every night feels like a roll of the sleep dice, but it sure would be nice if the 5 hour stretches of sleep could keep continuing.

May the sleep odds be ever in our favor…


2 thoughts on “Baby’s Second Cold

  1. Wow — interesting that doctors in other countries don’t mind giving cold medicine to babies! For Marilla, even if she has a fever (as long as it’s just mild), they don’t want us to give her any medicine. The only things we can do for colds are use a humidifier, elevate her mattress, use saline nasal drops, and use a snotsucker (those things are amazing, by the way!).


    • I was pretty surprised too, but I think it was a very tiny dose just to help with congestion because I said she seemed to be in pain because of it. We have a snotsucker too, but she screams like we’re killing her when we use it, so I really try to avoid it now. I’m surprised you’re not allowed to use something like baby Tylenol though!


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