Residency Renewal

Ever since I came to Japan, I’ve unfortunately had to renew my residency (aka visa) yearly. Since I’m self-sponsored, they’ve never made it easy. This year was even harder than usual though. When I submitted my application, they tried really hard to push for me to switch to dependent because I’m on childcare leave (though I’m working part-time again). I’m hoping to return to the translation company I was working at before, which means I’ll need to apply for daycare soon. For that though, I think I need to be working full time if I want a hope of getting a spot (competition is fierce for both full time and part-time daycare). So, I need to keep my ability to work full time.

One thing that perplexed me was how the person who was filing the papers that day mentioned that it shouldn’t have been possible for me to renew my visa last year. Well, that was quite a shock. He even tried to tell me that self-sponsorship wasn’t possible. Was it because I forgot to submit a copy of my “Notification of Commencement of Business”? I realized I had forgotten to submit it, so I went back with it and asked about self-sponsorship. Of course I was assured that self-sponsorship was possible, and appealed to the woman about how I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get into daycare if I wasn’t allowed to work full time.

After a month long wait, I finally got my notification that my renewal had been accepted on Monday! Phew. With hubby getting sick, I was a bit worried to be going so long without healthcare (it had expired since my residency card had expired). Unfortunately, they only gave me one year again, so this means that I’m going to have to do this all over again next year. Ugh.


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