Since we don’t have a car and we live on a hill, things like groceries can be a pain. For a long time we were just buying groceries every day. As you can imagine, this can be quite an annoyance, especially when the grocery store is about a 15 minute walk, uphill both ways.

But then I got pregnant and discovered that I could order groceries online. We had a couple of places to choose from, but I chose Ito Yokado. We weren’t disappointed and it’s taken the hassle out of buying heavy things like milk and rice.

Though it’s not like the individual grocery stores themselves don’t also offer deliveries. However, I discovered that not all grocery store delivery services are equal.

The one I tried the other day was Sanwa. It turns out that they can’t send refrigerated goods. What’s the point if you can’t get refrigerated goods delivered!? If I wanted just dry goods then I could just order them from Amazon. I guess I assumed that since Odakyu OX says that they will, that other grocery stores will too. I checked another grocery store that’s nearby, called Yuri Store, and they make no mention of whether refrigerated goods are OK or not.

I thought that buying groceries in-store and then having them delivered from the counter might be a good way to go out and do something, but it turned out to be a horrible idea. Guess I’m sticking with online groceries for the bulk of my weekly orders and grabbing some things that are hard to shop for online (I don’t like Ito Yokado’s selection for salads) or they don’t have a wide selection (chips and crackers) in the stores.

It sure would be nice to be able to get everything that I need from one store though, instead of having to pop into different local ones for different things.


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