We’ve been trying the sleep training for at least two weeks now but clearly it’s not working. She’s still waking up three or so times a night. The only thing our attempts at training have done are make it so that she stops nursing on her own after a few minutes. I think we’re both at our limits and we’re just going to go to survival mode at this point.

Two days ago Baby J started saying “mama mama mama” when she cries. I don’t think she actually quite means me yet, but it still feels a bit surreal. Though when I started leaving today to go out for a bit, she did start crying real tears. I know that’s a normal thing, but it still makes me feel bad.

Lately I’m just so exhausted though that wading through recipes for babies has been really overwhelming, especially since she’s started asking for dinner in addition to breakfast. Introducing babies to solids seems so complicated. Originally I wanted to do baby-led weaning, but most of what I cook is pretty salty, so we only give her what we know isn’t too salty. So I’m trying to cook her separate recipes like Japanese people do, but that in itself seems a bit complicated too. I have plans to make her a vegetable soup this week, but until I can get myself together to prepare it, she’ll be having some jarred food.

I know people and baby food guides consider the jarred food to be “fast food,” but those jars sure are helpful in times like these. I also think it’ll be a good way to expose her to some flavors that she might not otherwise taste. This latest one I got her has been codfish and potato stew. She had the funniest face when the first couple of times she tasted it, but she seemed to really like it. I also got her a risotto that she has yet to try, which is most likely something she wouldn’t get to try otherwise.


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