So Little Sleep


Baby J is about 7 and a half months now and we still have never slept through the night. The longest we’ve gotten is 8 hours from her (she usually sleeps for a total of 11-12 hours at night). I guess this is normal, but it’s so exhausting. About a month ago we were down to just one wake up a night, and then suddenly we were back to two or three about two-three weeks ago. If you Google “7 month sleep regression” or something of the sort, all of the sleep and baby resources say that the second sleep regression happens between 8-10 months. However, it feels like this not-7-month-sleep-regression hit all of the babies in my due date mom group around the same time/age.

The moms in my group whose babies were born a month early all said it suddenly got better around 8 months. I’m trying to slowly decrease how long she can nurse at night for the first feed in the meantime, but every night I can only pray that it’ll magically get better. Until then I guess all I can do is hope she takes at least an hour long nap and nap when she naps, or nap on the couch while distracting her with a musical Japanese baby’s show called “Inai Inai Baa!”.


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