Today’s Lunch for Baby: Fried Sweet Potato and Apple

I think the best way to start this blog would be with a recipe of something I made for her, so here goes!

Since I’m living in Japan, it can be a bit frustrating at times looking at recipes for people who live in the US since some ingredients can be so hard to find. So, I’ve mostly been cooking using recipes from the major Japanese recipe site, Cookpad. I’ll provide translations for the recipes that I make and my own notes.

I made the following recipe with the extra frozen mashed sweet potato that I had. Baby J wasn’t a fan of the sweet potato on its own, so I had to look for a way to get her to eat it so all of the sweet potato wouldn’t go to waste.

This recipe is intended for babies 7-8 months, but you can dice the apples for babies first starting out with solids and not use potato starch, or you can make the apple slices bigger for babies ready for something more chunky or for kids. I thought this recipe was pretty tasty too.


Recipe source on Cookpad

1 sweet potato medium size (though I imagine sizes may vary by country, so use your judgment for how much apple and potato starch to use)
1/2 apple
1 tablespoon of potato starch
Small amount of vegetable oil (it’ll burn easily without the vegetable oil and it’ll lose the doughy consistency, so the recipe writer recommends that you use it)

If using already pureed sweet potato like I did, I used about 150 g of sweet potato and 2 extra teaspoons of potato starch.

1. Peel the sweet potato and cut it up. Soak it in running water for several minutes. Cut the apple in half too.
2. Turn off the water, put the sweet potato on a plate, cover it in plastic wrap and heat at 600w in the microwave for 5 minutes. When it gets soft, put it in a bowl and mash it.
3. Cut the apple into appropriate sized pieces for your baby to eat (so this could be diced size or a little bigger than diced sizes).
4. Mix the apple into the bowl of sweet potato and add the potato starch.
5. Roll them by hand into the shape you want. Add vegetable oil to a frying pan. On medium heat, cook the sweet potato until it starts to lightly change color. Flip and then when that side gets lightly colored too.
6. All done! I think this recipe can be enjoyed by all ages, so you can eat it with your LO.


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